Thursday, June 19, 2008

Book Parties 101

I've been going to lots of book parties lately. Lots and lots of book parties. And as a writer at someone else's book party, one always take mental notes. Here are three of my latest:

1. Ask guests to please go home and write a 5-star review of your book on You must ask in tongue and cheek tone, but, of course, you are deadly serious.

2. Have a gimmick related to your book. Best ever: heaps of ice cream and other bad-for-your-waist deliciousness offered at Abby Ellin's book party for Teenage Waistland -- oh, and the scale. Close second, even though it made me jumpy: the pink balloons at a party last week for The She Spot: Why Women Are the Market for Changing the World--And How to Reach Them (more on this new book soon!) which guests were asked to pop as a reminder that there's more to marketing social change to women than making everything pink.

3. Wear a crazy fabulous dress because, really, when else do you get to.

What was the best/worst book party you've been to, those of you who frequent such things? (Note: I'm not looking for personal snipes here -- just your thoughts about do's and don'ts!)

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