Monday, June 16, 2008

GWP Readers, Meet ProBlogger

Ok, so I'm stepping up my blogging savvy this season and I'm taking you with me. I've started religiously reading ProBlogger for the latest in tips; I really like this guy's approach.

So I've been resisting Twitter, but there's an interesting post up over there on the importance of building an online network before you need it. Writes Darren Rowse, the ProBlogger guy:
When I began to interact on Twitter I had no plans to use it as a medium for book promotion - however when launch day came I had 6000 people just a 140 character message away.

Another example was recently using LinkedIn. I’ve never really found a way to use LinkedIn effectively before but have promoted my profile on it (in my blog’s footer) because I knew that there would come a time when it would be worthwhile having connections there. Last week it paid off as I used my network of 600 connections to get introductions to a number of key people that I’d have had no way to contact previously.

In both situations the network came before the need to use it.
Hmm...Check it all out and see what you think, here. ProBlogger dude also just came out with a book called, guess what, ProBlogger. I'll let you know what I learn!


Marjorie said...

Dear Deborah,

I just got Darren's book myself and am eager to read it. Would be interested in your opinion once you've gone through it.

I go back and forth on the pro-blogging route. I've been reading Darren's site for months and am encouraged by his well-written, enthusiastic and realistic articles about how to make money and develop an audience blogging. However, I'm not sure I've quite pinned down yet what my "platform" will be or even if it's something I can sustain for the long haul.

You, on the other hand, have a built-in platform already, with books under your belt, an offline audience eager for your expertise, and a growing online audience. You're the perfect candidate to be the next -- and only? -- feminist problogger, so I'm eager to follow your success.

By the way, a million thanks again for the book! I haven't read it yet but have already dipped in a few times to read some choice passages. Yum.


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