Monday, June 9, 2008

Healing the Feminist Generational Rift

Oh boy, I gotta jump in over at Slate's XX Factor -- and likely will -- but just wanted to share this article by Dahlia Litwik with ya'll, called We Need To Talk, which concludes:
[I]n the spirit of reconciliation, I'd ask our mothers and grandmothers to take another look at the young feminists of 2008—supporters of Clinton and Obama alike. We've got money we earned—not by pole-dancing for the most part—and we've chosen to spend it on political candidates! Not shoes! (Or at least on political candidates and shoes.) We are smart and educated and politically engaged. We are passionate about repairing the world for your grandkids and goofily confident that those same granddaughters will be someday number among the joint chiefs of staff and the National League pennant winners. And wasn't that at the core of your dream for us? You are not invisible. But we are not blind. And maybe now's not the best time to confess to this but these rose-colored glasses we've been wearing since January? We borrowed them from you. ...
And for another generational take, do check out Linda Hirshman's piece in The Washington Post, "Looking to the Future, Feminism Has to Focus", in which Hirshman cites my fellow PWVers Gloria Feldt and Sonia Osario as well as feminist bloggers Jessica Valenti and Jill Filipovic.

Your thoughts?

(Thanks, Marco, for the heads up on Slate.)

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Anonymous said...

My thoughts?

First, that we never seem to quite leave the our cliche forming tendencies behind us, do we?

Second, we don't seem to be able to work for our own interests guilt-free. We have to help everyone and their dog too in order to justify needing what we need and wanting what we want.

Third, thanks for the links!