Saturday, June 28, 2008

I Just Joined Twitter... see what all the fuss is about over there. And this here is the picture I uploaded there. Note: I am NOT catblogging; just sharing a little picture is all. Yes, that is my cat, Amelia Bedelia.

Ok, wait, I think I just officially catblogged.

See you on Twitter?!


Marjorie said...

Hi, Deborah! What's your Twitter name? Is it DeborahSiegel? I did a search and found that username, but it doesn't have the Amelia Bedelia photo. :-(

By the way, I'm losing patience with Twitter, as have many people. It's been down so many times the past few weeks, as they can't seem to upgrade their servers fast enough to handle the traffic. Many are switching to Plurk and other similar sites, while others are sending angry "Dear John" letters to the Twitter folks in the hopes of getting them to clean up their act before too many abandon them.

I'm sticking with them for now, but like others, I'm going to see about opening a Plurk account.


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