Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Join me at NCRW Conference this week!

Quick reminder, for those in the vicinity, or those coming in: I'm offering a 3-hour blogging workshop on Saturday at the National Council for Research on Women's annual conference, Hitting the Ground Running: Research, Activism, and Leadership for a New Era, on Saturday. The conference froms from June 5-7 at the Kimmel Center at NYU (60 Washington Square South). And for anyone convinced that the blogosphere can be ignored, I urge you to read last week's article in AdAge on just how mainstream it is--among women.

Developed in tandem with Courtney Martin, who will be out of town for this one, the session will be led with the assistance of Elizabeth Curtis.

You can still register for the NCRW conference, here. And thanks for passing it on to anyone you think might be interested! Description of the session below.

Strategic Blogging for Organizations, Women’s Centers, and Feminist Experts

Author and blogger Deborah Siegel will lead participants through the basics of blogging—both logistical and philosophical. Participants will leave with a sense of the ways in which blogging is changing the media landscape—especially for women!—and tools for how to start one for their organization or improve one that’s already off the ground. Topics will include: young feminism and activism online, reaching the momosphere, and publicizing events and publications through blogs.


PunditMom said...

I have a bit of a problem with the name of the session -- Not Your Mother's Platform. You know, those of us who are mothers already get a bad enough rap out here in the blogosphere. It would be nice if a woman's conference didn't ridicule us, as well.

Deborah Siegel said...

PunditMom, I hear you, and you have an excellent point. I must say, I went with the title that my colleague proposed without really thinking about it! I went with it because I liked the generational inflection of it. I think there are real and historical difference between digital natives, people like me who are ready adapters, and an older generation of more hesitant or reluctant adapters. But I will think hard before going with this title again. In the past I've called this workshop "What You Need to Know about Blogging and Why."