Tuesday, July 1, 2008

And the Organizational Blog Award Goes to...

Thanks to those of you who wrote in with links for blogs from women's orgs and research centers--there were bunches I didn't know about! Like the National Women’s Law Center's blog, Womenstake, which launched in May 2007. It's one of my faves, and I'm giving it this month's Organizational Blog of the Month Award from GWP (I just made that up -- you like?!).

What I like about this blog, and what I believe makes it successful (ie, lively! interesting!) as an organizational blog:

1. It has a range of voices. Contributors include legal interns and senior counsel, program assistants and directors, communications staff and law clerks and policy fellows--in other words, not just the executive director.

2. The posts are SHORT (3 paragraphs max) and supertimely.

3. Posts are full of links to items and articles currently in the news as well as to other blogs.

4. They've figured out Web 2.0 and social networking (at the bottom of each post you'll find these options: Digg This! • Save to del.icio.us • Subscribe to this feed • Email this • Share on Facebook)

5. The blog has a sidebar with links to what's going on at the organization.

Orgs creating blogs: take note! And gratitude to Robin Reed over at NWLC for the heads up.


Marjorie said...

I love blogs from orgs who know that they need to post frequently if they want to maintain interest among their blog readers. If they're quiet for too long, I tend to wonder if they're still in existence or if they're doing anything at all. Silence doesn't tell me that they're busy; it tells me that they're inactive.

Thanks for the heads up! I love women lawyers, utterly failing to become one myself. ;-)


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