Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bloggity Blog Blog

This weekend Girls Write Now held a blogging workshop for our girls. Sadly, I had to miss it. But I did a little Q&A with them, which I'm posting here for kicks. - GWP

GWN: How often to post; do you set a schedule for yourself?
I post daily, and I limit myself to spending 1 hour on it each day--usually the first hour of the day, after oatmeal and before heading off to do my work.

GWN: What to post about/ what makes a topic "post-worthy"?
DS: Timeliness, most of all. I use my tagline ("Bridging Feminist Research, Popular Reality, and the Public") as a filter. If it doesn't fit within that rubric, however, doesn't mean I won't post. I've created guidelines for guest posting on Girl with Pen and I try hard to hold myself to those standards as well.

GWP: How do you edit your blog posts?
DS: Quickly. I edit as I go. I'll preview a post and check for spelling errors and do some quick rewriting. With posts I write for places other than my personal blog, though, I'll have Marco or my mom (BEST editor ever) read it first.

GWP: How do you get the word out about your blog?
DS: Network, network, network! And here's my 101 on link love: When you find a blogger you admire, link to them in a post and send them the link. Chances are, they'll likely check out your blog. Form a relationship with them (comment on theirs, email them them directly). Ask if they'll consider including you in their blogroll. If the admiration is mutual, you've got link love.

GWP will be teaching a blogging & journalism workshop for kids through Writopia Lab in August - more soon!

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