Sunday, July 6, 2008

Male Bonding: Marco and Gabriel

This here's a shot of my dude Marco eating our friend Daphne's baby, Gabriel, while Gabriel tries to eat his own arm.

That's Daph in the back, furiously trying to pack up and get back to the city, which is where we're headed tomorrow morning too. Alas. It's been wonderful communing with our wedding site out here in upstate NY! I feel like Speed Bride; we got so many wedding errands done that now I'm ready for a vacation :)


Alison said...

Ha! I'm sorry I haven't been commenting lately, but I just had to weigh in on this picture. Eating a baby is the best--Biffle and I are big advocates of gnawing on all very cute critters, be they human, cat, or puppy, but often people seem to think that's a bit weird.

Catherine said...