Monday, July 14, 2008

Wedding Central

This morning the dude and I went to City Hall to get our marriage license. Elsewhere in weddingland:

California Gays Ditch Wedding Gifts For Donations
Reuters: A month after California began legally marrying same-sex partners, thousands of dollars that might have been spent on toasters or dinnerware for newlyweds have been donated to the campaign against the November referendum that seeks to define marriage in the state as only between a man and a woman.

Weddings Are Big Day for Extreme Dieting
Women's eNews: Questing for the perfect body has become a norm in the world of wedding preparations as a multi-billion-dollar wedding industry peddles the perfection myth more intensely than ever before.

HA! Not moi. I so pigged out this weekend (last one before the wedding) and enjoyed every minute....


Marjorie said...

Dear Deborah,

Every girl I know who got engaged immediately went on a diet within seconds after saying "Yes." All lost weight. All gained it back soon after the wedding.

I didn't set out to lose weight before the wedding, but I did anyway from all the stress. Then I gained it back just before the day itself. And I still looked hot. ;-)

And I bet you will too. Don't forget to post peeeechurs!


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