Monday, August 25, 2008

Convention Day--It's Here!

Yes, Happy Convention Day! As Allison Stevens reports, this year women are running much of the show and helping craft the script.

A quick reminder for those of you lucky enough to be in Denver this week:

The Women's Media Center and The White House Project will both be reporting on the latest from the DNC--where together they are hosting a panel, Soundbites to Solutions: Bias Punditry and the Press in The 2008 Election, along with The Maynard Institute for Journalism Education. Panelists include:

* Jonathan Alter, Senior Editor, Newsweek
* Michele Martin, Host, "Tell Me More" on NPR
* Maria Teresa Petersen, Founding Executive Director, Voto Latino and Commentator for MSNBC (and a fellow PWVer)
* Jamal Simmons, Political Analyst, CNN
* Rebecca Traister, Senior Writer,

At the panel, they'll be releasing an accompanying report (authored by yours truly!) called BIAS, PUNDITRY, AND THE PRESS: WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?

Report available to public today too--I'll be sure to post info when it's up. Registration for the event required at www.seachangecom.

More women-focused DNC events posted here and here.

And hey--if you're reading this from Denver and would like to post something about the events you attend here on GWP telling us about it, please email me at

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