Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Join Me @ Woodhull Nonfiction Writers Intensive Sept 5-7!

What better time to kick those new writing projects into gear than early September? Once again, I'll be joining Kristen Kemp (feature article maestro) and Catherine Orenstein (op-ed mistress) for a weekend of nonfiction instruction up at the Woodhull Institute's retreat center in Ancramdale, NY. Here's a description of the module I'm teaching:

How to Write a Book Proposal

In this module, instructor Deborah Siegel will teach the group how to take a subject about which they are passionate and generate from it an exciting, marketable, serious non-fiction book proposal. She will cover the proposal itself, the chapter outline, the bio, and the marketing section. Deborah will then walk the participants through the cycle of submission to an agent; the agent's submission of the proposal to multiple houses; the bidding process; the signing of the contract; the writing cycle; the editing and copy editing and fact checking cycle; the publishing cycle and the publicity phase of the hardback non-fiction book. She will show participants what the common mistakes are that writers make in crafting book proposals and will demonstrate the difference between an unpublishable and a highly commercial book proposal both of which are based on an identical subject.

More info on it all, including how to register, here.

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