Thursday, September 11, 2008

Palin: Pit Bull or Red Riding Hood?

Marco is at it again. Check out his reading of the latest McCain-Palin appeal over at Open Salon, "McCain/Palin Cries Wolf." An excerpt:
The McCain/Palin spin machine has reached has reached dizzying momentum in these last few days. Palin shape-shifts now at an alarming rate, going from pit bull to pig [they started it], to now, apparently, Little Red Riding Hood. As can be seen in the graphic above, embedded in an email sent out today from the Republican campaign soliciting donations, the Palin narrative has been flipped conveniently on its head. The hunter has become the hunted, and she is cast now as victim, while the purported attackers, Obama and the Democrats, are cast as wolves on the approach.

Make no mistake: this is still the same movie. The snow places the viewer in pristine Alaska, Palin's home turf, and the wolves, like the moose, are familiar stock characters. They were last seen being taken out by airborne hunters at Governor Palin's behest, easy targets against the same white snow. Now they make their way towards the imperiled heroine, and through the magic of cinematic perspective, towards you, the target audience....

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