Thursday, September 4, 2008

Quick Takes: Sarah Palin, American Idol?

Palin as our American Idol Candidate

I get it. Palin is our "American Idol" candidate. When I listen to the people on the street interviews, or chatfests with Republican girlbloggers, which, believe me, is taxing as hell, everyone is like, "well she shows us that a real person can be president." Here's the problem: while people are caught up in Palin as "American Idol: VP Edition" they might well miss the "real reality," which is that Palin is more Bush than Bush.

-Virginia Rutter

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Courtney said...

So so smart Kristen.

Kristen said...

whoops-- I'd love to take the credit, since I absolutely agree, but this little bit of wisdom is courtesy of Virginia!

Virginia Rutter said...

For links between fiction and so- called reality, take a look at the review today of Chris Buckley's new book (at ). A TV judge is nominated for the Supreme Court; and wins the nomination because her TV ratings are higher than Congress's.

Virginia Rutter said...

I wanted to share this great elaboration from my friend John Schmitt (the elder, of Philadelphia):

If I recall, Fox is the network that broadcasts American Idol.... I think this is no accident.
The entire premise of the show is that a typical American, with lots of heart and pluck, without formal training, but with great desire can capture the audience with sincere effort. This is the great American meme: we give lip service to education and skill but we know in our heart that it is sincerity, purity of heart and desire that really count. In effect, American Idol is premised on the Audience reaching out and lifting the sincere from obscurity to fame based on the power of the audience and the sincerity, rather than the effort and training of the contestant. The Audience selects based on character and sincerity rather than training and skill. The Audience is responsible in a collective act of the will for the individual's success.

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