Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Your Daily Sarahology

A particularly sassy takedown by Salon's Cintra Wilson: "Pissed about Palin."

A thoughtful (yes, thoughtful) analysis by Camille Paglia of Palin as a muscular, pioneer-inspired "feminist" force: "Fresh Blood for the Vampire."

Kaye S. Hymowitz at City Journal on "Red State Feminism."

Dahlia Litwick in Newsweek on how "Palin Signals Fewer Choices for Women."

The LA Times on "Hiding Sarah Palin Behind 'Deference.'"

HuffPo on how "Sex Sells in the GOP."

A NYTimes article on how the second mixed-sex major-party presidential ticket in American history has nonetheless raised 21st-century questions about etiquette, body language and who hugs first:
"To Have (as a Running Mate), and Hold (Politely)."

And an amusing comparison of Palin (who is now, yes, an action figure) to a minor character in Star Wars named Boba Fett by my very clever husband dude Marco.

Other recs of what we should be reading? Please post links in comments.


Anonymous said...

Does George Lucas know about the action figure thing? The man is a rabid protecter of his copyrights and will likely be as amused as the Wilson sisters when he finds that he has been drafted into the Republican media blitz.

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