Wednesday, May 16, 2007

BUST reviewed my book! I heart BUST...

But first, a big slurpy THANKS to all you who took the quiz below and sent me feedback (and especially to Marc, who saved me on that tenure bit, and to Dara, always). I truly appreciate it.

Ok, so my generational stripes are coming out, but can I just say how excited I am that Bust reviewed my book! I was hooked when they launched and became one of their early subscribers. It's been fascinating--and fun--to watch them evolve.

So here's what the Busties say in their next issue (June/July):

"Betty Friedan versus Gloria Steinem, radical feminists against cultural feminists, even Ms. contra Bust--[Sisterhood, Interrupted] is a history of battles within and between the second and third waves of feminism. Siegel surveys many instances of 'feminist infighting' over the last 30-odd years--wherein much energy has been spent debating how to achieve feminist goals as opposed to actively fomenting change--and explores the disconnect between older and younger feminists....The book's singular focus on feuds presents an opportunity to revisit these happenings within the context of the movement--to see how the bickering often stalled forward progression and to learn from that." - Bust Magazine

Ok, they said some other things too. But I swear, in light of that nice little piece by Henry Alford about mis-blurbing that appeared at the back of the New York Times Book Review the other week, I promise that what I've extracted here is verbatim and nondoctored. No really, I swear!

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