Thursday, September 13, 2007

Britain's Young Feminists

Louise France and Eva Wiseman set it straight, with a piece in the Observer Woman on how younger women's attempts to rebrand feminism 35 years after the launch of Spare Rib magazine. The article begins:

My mother and I are in the pub. I tell her that I'm researching a piece about Britain's young feminists. My mother, who is in her 50s and was inspired by reading Germaine Greer's The Female Eunuch when she was a Seventies housewife, looks astonished. 'But there aren't any,' she says, with the finality of a lid being placed on a saucepan.

F-Word editor Jess McCabe and other young feminists answer the following questions: How did you become a feminist? How are you different from your mum's generation? What are the clich├ęs about feminism? Can you be a feminist and go to a lap-dancing club? What makes you angry? Check out their answers here.

(Thank you, Catherine, for the clarification!! -GWP)


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
A quick clarification.
That article wasn't written by Jess McCabe, Jess was one of the interviewees. The article was written by Louise France and Eva Wiseman and they posed the questions, not Jess.

Deborah Siegel said...

Thank you, Catherine, for the correction! I've edited the post :) -Deborah