Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Family Issues of the Non-Feminist-Generational Kind

This weekend I'll be at the Council on Contemporary Families 11th Annual Conference (April 25-26) in my sweet home Chicago, where I can't wait to hang with all those CCFers board members I know and love--Virginia Rutter, Stephanie Coontz, Steve Mintz, and more. If in Chicago, come join me! I'll be giving a workshop on blogging on Saturday (10:45-12:45), with the help of Veronica Aerrola, who prolifically blogs here, here, here, and here. My session's aimed at researchers and therapists and is called "What You Need to Know about Blogging and Why."

And here's more:

CCF 11th Annual Conference
Family Issues in Contention
University of Illinois, Chicago (Room 605, Student Center East)
750 South Halsted


-- A panel on the "hooking-up" patterns of today's youth, with new
research and commentators from diverse perspectives on the impact of these practices.

-- Another workshop on the controversial question, "Is Transracial and
Transnational Adoption the Right Policy for Parents? Children? Society?"

-- Still another panel of demographers and clinical psychologists examines whether cohabitation is "good" for love or for marriage.

-- And the latest thoughts of researchers and clinicians on whether unhappy couples should divorce of "stick it out."

Full conference program available here. To register, visit www.contemporaryfamilies.org . Press may receive complimentary registration by contacting Stephanie Coontz, Director of Research and Public Education, at coontzs@msn.com.

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