Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Linkety link link...

I promised participants from my blogging workshop at CCF last weekend that I'd post a list of the links we showed. Here they are - have at 'em, and enjoy!

Blogs mentioned by participants...
The Juggle (Wall Street Journal's work/life blog)
Yarn Harlot
So When Are You Going to Retire (Ashton Applewhite's blog)
Viva La Feminista (Veronica Arreola's personal blog)

A few big progressivey political blogs…
Huffington Post

A sampling of the Momosphere…
Chicago Moms Blog
Work It Mom
The Motherhood

A few group blogs...

A few blogs to check out by academics…
Feminist Law Professors
Afrogeek Mom
Hugo Schywzer
Culture Cat

Blog hosting:

Widgets (aka bells & whistles):

Carnival List

Blog readers (to simplify your blog reading):
Google Reader

And of course, Google Alerts (caution: ADDICTIVE)

If I missed any that participants would like to add, please add them in comments! (And if you're still working on figuring out what that means, learn how to post a comment by clicking here.)


Nancy Polikoff said...

Thanks for all these links. Your workshop was fabulous! I also mentioned my blog: www.beyondstraightandgaymarriage.blogspot.com so I'm including that here.

Deborah Siegel said...

Thank you for adding that link, Nancy! And for the props on the workshop - it was great to have you there. Let's stay in touch!