Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Now Booking for Fall: Talkin 'bout My Generation

All this generational conversation of late has made me want to take action and create more space for young people to speak their mind. So come fall, I'll be taking it to the campuses some more. If interested in bringing me to yours, please do get in touch! Here's the blurb:

Talkin 'bout My Generation: Youth, Gender, Race and the 2008 Election

Young voters—and female ones in particular—have been the subject of heated debate in an election where race and gender matter like never before. But what do young voters really think about gender, feminism, race, and the Presidential election? In this talk, feminist author/cultural critic Deborah Siegel sheds fresh light on media myths and real-life generational rifts that surfaced during primary season. Join Deborah for a lively, interactive forum in which members of the so-called postfeminist, post-Civil Rights generation are invited to freely speak their minds.

For more info, please contact Speaking Matters at

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