Thursday, May 22, 2008

Women Leading around the World

A quick-hit report on women's leadership around the globe. Read it...and weep?

She Just Might Be President Someday
5/18/08 - NY Times: A specific composite of Madam President is suggested by political strategists and talent scouts, politicians and those who study women in politics. It is based as much on the lessons of the Clinton candidacy as on the enduring truths of politics and the number and variety of women who dot the leadership landscape.

Belittled Woman
5/16/08 - Washington Post: At some point along the way, Hillary Clinton became "poor Hillary" and it stuck.

Defense Minister's New Baby Confirms Symbolism Of Parity In Spain
5/21/08 - International Herald Tribune: Carmé Chacón, who began leave Tuesday after giving birth to a boy, became an instant symbol of the Socialist government's commitment to gender parity in Spain, a traditionally macho society whose new equality laws are among the most progressive in Europe.

Sierra Leone: Can Women Make a Difference in the Local Government?
5/20/08 - As the July 5 Sierra Leone local council elections are drawing nearer, a low turn out of women to contest the elections has been observed.

First Aussie Female Bishop 'A Milestone'
5/21/08 - Sydney Morning Herald: The consecration of Australia's first woman Bishop in Perth on Thursday has been hailed as a major step in overcoming discrimination against women.

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