Thursday, June 28, 2007

Book Tour Blogging, Stop Three

Chicago - SO my kind of town. (Well, NYC my kind of town too, but, well, you know...)

I'm still high from Tuesday's reading at The Book Stall - the place I went to pick out books when I was twelve. Not only did I have my two grandmas in the house and my high school English teacher to whom the book is partly dedicated, but a 9-mo.-pregnant-and-about-to-pop dear friend from high school (pictured left) and my soulmate from graduate school, Eileen (pictured right), were there too. Also attending: my parents' beloved shrink friends, two great-aunts, Aunt Shellie and Uncle Jim, and, yes, even some folks I didn't know. It was so comfy, I felt like I was reading in my parents' living room. Thank you to all for such a warm homecoming -- and for such lively post-reading conversation!

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