Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Women Center Stage Celebrated Opening Night...and I Missed It

It was on Monday down in Soho, and I am lame for not posting this in time! Not that you can still go or anything, but just so folks know how very cool Culture Project (the sponsoring org) is, here's what went on -- you know, so you can feel bummed that you missed it too:

Jennifer Buffett moderated a conversation between and about women making serious change in the world, on a variety of platforms: Aisha al-Adawiya (Women In Islam), Gloria Feldt (activist, author, former president of Planned Parenthood), Carol Jenkins (Women's Media Center), Idelisse Malave (Tides Foundation), and Letty Cottin Pogrebin (activist and author). And here's how they describe it:
Culture Project's Women Center Stage a multi-disciplinary festival featuring women artists whose work calls attention to human struggles globally. From Pulitzer Prize-winner Samantha Power to Chinese-Jamaican spoken word poet Staceyann Chin, Eve Ensler to Iranian comedian Negin Farsad, Carol Gilligan to Azar Nafisi, a play about human trafficking to a film about Hurricane Katrina (in 2007 alone) – we don't represent everyone and everything, but we make a pretty strong effort at gathering most of it.

Now that's a festival I want to join.

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Merissa said...

Deborah, thanks for your post about Women Center Stage! My friend and I went to see Samantha Power and others speak about the role of individuals in social movements, and it was absolutely amazing. The Culture Project puts on so many great shows...thanks again for introducing me to them.