Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Newsflash: Women Make Money, Have Babies, Work!

In response to Sunday's New York Times article featuring women in their 20s who outearn their dates and feel awkward about it, the Wall Street Journal's "Juggle" now asks:
Have other professionals out there faced awkwardness when one person earns far more than other? Or can love trump those kind of differences?
The comments are sooo very interesting.

Meanwhile, according to a new Accenture study, an overwhelming majority of working mothers say that if there were no obstacles, they would continue working. Here's the deal:
In an online survey of more than 700 working mothers in mid- to senior-level management positions, nearly 90 percent of the respondents reported that, if there were no obstacles, they would work either full-time, part-time or under a flex-time arrangement (reported by 31 percent, 26 percent and 33 percent of respondents, respectively). Just 11 percent said they would not work at all.
Take that ye opt-out-disaster headlines! Read more more here.

(Thanks to the Amazing Laura Sabatinni for the links. Photo cred.)

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