Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Professorial Squabbles

Well, at least it's not a "catfight" (hehe). Turns out the American Association of University Professors just shut down their listserv because folks couldn't play nicely with each other. (Read about it here, in Inside Higher Ed)

Over at MediaCommons, Clancy Ratliff offers a montage of visual representations of "The Internet Regression" (which is the cleverish name of an essay describing internet users’ tendencies to exhibit extreme rudeness and/or kindness.) Says Clancy,
I believe many scholars hear “online publishing” and think of [images of obstinate blowhard conversation -- like the one pictured above]. It may take a lot of counterexamples to dislodge those prejudices, especially since the behavior that prompts the prejudices still occurs all over the net every day.
Ok ok. Full disclosure: This post began as an excuse to post the picture, which looks remarkably like, but is not, my cat. (But for the record, I am NOT cat blogging. Um, yet.

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