Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I See Sexism

Oh boy oh boy I just can't seem to stop yapping on this one.

But first, I'd like to frame this post with a note that I by no means believe that all opposition to Sen. Clinton is sexist in nature. And, as blogger Amanda Marcotte smartly notes, opposing sexist pandering against Sen. Clinton isn't the same thing as endorsing her. (Even though I, in this case, did.)

That said, here are two pieces to share today in which I'm quoted yapping about Hillary, sexism, and media: The Guardian, Pavement Pieces.

As it turns out, I am SheSource's "Expert of the Week." I am always happy to speak about Hillary, but I am NOT into putting people down who support Obama. Especially women. And I hope other women speaking out publicly this week aren't either. We got more important things to talk about. 'Nuf said.

(Thank you, Gwen, for the heads up!)

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