Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sex & Love Roundup: Pre-Valentine Edition

Yesterday may have been Super Tuesday, but a week from tomorrow is Hallmark Thursday. And there's some really interesting stuff out there right now on the love front.

Are you a twentysomething woman having trouble finding a twentysomething adult guy? Clearly, you're not alone. Kay Hymowitz takes a look at "The Child-Man" in The Dallas Morning News, offering a nice roundup on how the average mid-twentysomething guy "lingers – happily – in a new hybrid state of semi-hormonal adolescence and responsible self-reliance," leaving younger women who are already adults wanting.

Over at the WSJ, Sue Shellenbarger asks where's the love and reports on college students who eschew romance. College life has become so competitive, and students so focused on careers, that many aren't looking for spouses anymore, she says. Replacing college as the top marital hunting ground is the office. Which circles back to Helaine Olen's new book, Office Mate: The Employee Handbook for Finding--and Managing--Romance on the Job--a timely title if ever there was one.

Still, even at the office, it's just plain hard to find that match, as John Tierney reports in the New York Times. Tierney notes that while online matchmakers compete for customers using algorithms in the search for love, the battle has intrigued academic researchers who study the mating game.

And finally, for the latest on the sociology of hooking up, Kathleen A. Bogle, an assistant professor of sociology and criminal justice at LaSalle University, analyzes college sexual activity in a book called - guess what - Hooking Up: Sex, Dating, and Relationships on Campus.

Have at it folks!

(And thank you, CCF, for the summaries and links.)

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