Sunday, February 10, 2008

One of These Things Is Not Like the Other Things

In a race where two candidates share much on the policy front, we continue to be much more focused on personality and who's reaching who than issues. To that end, I've heard lots of odd yet funny comparisons going around and it all makes me think of Cookie Monster's song, from Sesame Street (video above, in case you've forgotten, or are up for a blast from the past this dreary Monday morning).

Now, I know we humans like to think in dichotomies, and I get that we're seeking novel ways to compare two similar opponents. But still, I wonder a great deal about the larger purpose these descriptive divisions ultimately serve. Not that I have a clear answer yet, but just something I think about these days. Chris Lehane, a former aide to Al Gore, spoke to the apparent class divide in support by noting that Hillary's got the "Dunkin Donuts" Democrats and Obama's got the "Starbucks" Democrats. And I'm sure you've also heard the one by now about how Obama's a Mac, and Hillary's a PC. Have you heard others? Would love to hear them in comments! As well as your thoughts about the ultimate consequences of labeling our candidates in these ways.

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