Thursday, March 13, 2008

Election Watch: We're Getting Punchy Edition

In this week's Newsweek cover package ("Hear Her Roar: Gender, Class, and Hillary Clinton), Tina Brown reports on the euphoria at the Columbus Anthanaeum when the primary results for Ohio started coming in: "They were raising the roof along with the band to the old 1965 McCoys hit 'Hang on Sloopy.'" A number of other women writers weigh in with their observations, punditry, and advice. Two zingers that struck me as funny:

Kathleen Deveny on being fed up with ambient sexism and friends who refer to Hillary as a scold: "[F]orgive me if I'm feeling a little shrewish myself these days. From now on, if you want to call the first woman to win a Democratic primary a bitch in front of me, you'd better be Tina Fey."

Advice from Monica Crowley, a McCain supporter: "Clinton should...reach out to Obama's core constituencies--black voters, the young, higher earners, and those with college degrees. Her message: 'I forgive your fliration with the Hope Guy, but now it's time to come home to Mommy.'"

Interesting little sidenote: the "My Turn" essay in this particular issue is by male ballet dancer"Sascha Radetsky and is called alled "Don't Judge Me By My Tights."

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Catherine said...

I love Sascha Radetsky!