Tuesday, March 11, 2008

TOUR NOTES: I'm in Missouri Today

Yep, I'm in the Show Me State today, back in my native Midwest. I'm giving a talk tonight ("Who Framed Feminism? Popularizing Rhetorics Across Generations") at 7pm at Pierson Auditorium at the UMKC University Center. If anywhere nearby and in the mood for feminism tonight, come out and say hi! I'm also doing a "Making It Pop: Translating Your Research for Trade" workshop from 2-4pm in the Alumni Room over there.

Loved meeting one of my hosts last night, Kathy Krause, along with faculty members Jane Greer in English and Jenny in Psychology. And Kansas City is my new favorite town. Who knew?! Well, the folks who live here certainly do.

Meanwhile, I've been reading up on what's going on in the state, feministically speaking, and found this little gem, via my beloved feministing of course: "The Missouri legislature wants to reclassify mifepristone -- the drug used in medical abortions -- as a Schedule I controlled substance, a classification for drugs with 'a high potential for abuse and no medicinal value.'" Oh dear. Read more over at Ms.

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Brenda said...

I know about KC because I live here. And now Deborah and Courtney know because we brought them here. Deborah, you were great! And I can't wait for WGL to come in November.

Happy Travels,