Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dirty Girls Reading Dirty Girls

Today is my day to review Rachel Kramer Bussel's new book, as part of a blog tour. And I promise my post is coming soon--just want to run out and catch some exercise before the day begins. I'm psyched to be in such good company on this one--check out who's also reviewing as part of the tour, and do visit them too if interested:

April 9 Deborah Siegel
April 10 Babeland
April 11 NYC Urban Gypsy
April 12 FunkyBrown Chick
April 13 Boinkology
April 14 Audacia Ray
April 15 Pretty Dumb Things

For all you writers wondering how a blog tour actually works--and how to set one up for yourself--I'm teaching blogging seminars at upcoming conferences and will def cover the topic. For starters:

Council on Contemporary Families - April 26, U of Illinois, Chicago
National Council for Research on Women - June 7, New York University


Anne Libby said...
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Anne Libby said...

Deborah, great to see you teaching blogging seminars to groups that reach out into offline communities. For close to the last year, I've been in search of economic diversity in the blogosphere...my search has been somewhat casual -- I look around whenever I think of it, and I've asked around. Apparently, there is not much evidence to be found.

I would love to hear what you observe on this topic as you reach out into the non-virtual world.

Thanks and be well.

(and I deleted the last post due to a heinous typo!)