Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I Heart Palgrave

It's not often you hear an author says she loves her publisher, but I do. I just got a lovely mailing from mine--a big ole postcard featuring "New Books in Gender Studies from Palgrave Macmillan" and guess what's smack dab in the middle!

Sisterhood, Interrupted: From Radical Women to Grrls Gone Wild is in great company, flanked by Cyborgs and Barbie Dolls: Feminsm, Popular Culture, and the Posthuman Body (a book that has the creepiest cover ever, but I'm pretty sure that's the point), Stripping, Sex, and Popular Culture, and two more academicy sounding titles: The Gender Politics of Development and Gender, Violence, and Security. Also on their list are The Happy Stripper: Pleasures and Politics of the New Burlesque; Mothers, Monsters, Whores: Women's Violence in Global Politics; and Third Wave Feminism--the expanded, second edition!--and news of a forthcoming gender series from Linda Martin-Alcoff and Gillian Howie. More info on all of these at www.palgrave-usa.com.

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