Friday, June 20, 2008

The Care and Feeding of Kleinfeld Brides

Before signing off for the weekend, I'm feeling compelled to share with you this sign I saw at Kleinfeld Bridal, where yesterday I went with my cousin Jen to hunt for a crinoline. The small print reads, "Thank you for your understanding; if we are delayed, it is because some of our brides need extra care and attention. Be assured when it is your turn, you will receive the same care and attention."

Um, bridezilla much?

Some of those women there Freaked. Me. Out. Including the attendant who said "that's your dress? and you're the bride?", pointing to the $200 blue number I bought at the bride's maid store on 14th Street. If it weren't for the utter coolness of Susan, the "attendant" who was assigned to me and who happened to be a Broadway costume designer moonlighting as a Kleinfeld's outfitter, I think I would have run screaming. Instead, I stayed, and got tips from Susan and the ever-savvy Jen about what else women in the 1950s wore. And I left there loving my little blue number all the more.


Veronica said...

Ya know, the fact that we ended up eloping in Vegas (in a souped up prom dress) somehow made me forget all the insanity of being on the hunt for a bridal gown. Or was it that the insanity of being a mom has done that? *shrug* Either way, it's all coming back to me and I say good thinking on bringing a friend with.

Good luck with the wedding and can't wait to hear all about it!

Unknown said...

Love the wedding blogging! Love it! Keep it up.
My dress was also $200, off the rack. If there's one good thing about this Sex in the City movie (which I will confess to loving except for the racially-disturbing Mammy subplot) it's a full rejection of the wedding industry.

And please link to that Gotta get a get article when it comes out!

Deborah Siegel said...

GO VEGAS, I say! We considered that, actually. I love that you did it, V. Catherine, my sister of the $200 dress! I'll def post a link to Page 6 :)

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